About 7th Generation Roofing

7th Generation

The Johnson family homesteaded in Colorado in 1872. For six generations, they were roping and ranching, making Tanner’s kids the 7th generation to live right here in El Paso County. 

7th Generation Roofing is as local as it gets, which makes us perfect for your roofing project. We can handle any kind of roof, and with a seven-year installers’ warranty, you know you will be taken care of for years to come. Give Tanner a call at 719-651-1883 to discuss your roofing needs.


Project Manager

Chris Bolling joined the 7th Generation team in July 2022. A native to Colorado Springs, he is truly passionate about seeing the best for our community. Chris is ready to support your project from start to finish and his enthusiast outlook on life will brighten your day. You can reach Chris at 719-440-2911.

Project Manager

Hi, I am Tarah Leigh (Johnson) Lewis. I am the newest addition to the 7th Generation Roofing team, as a project manager. I am a proud Colorado native raising a Colorado native. There’s a song lyric that describes me: “I live off a backroad in a small town story like my daddy before me and his daddy before that…” I am ready to work for you in El Paso County, Elbert County and some surrounding areas. You can reach me at 719-338-4296.


colorado, ranch, farmMission Statement

7th Generation Roofing aims to provide an exceptional roof/re-roof process for homeowners and small businesses. 

From the first call, to inspection, and through the installation, we provide you with the assurance of quality from a truly local company that will stand behind our work.